A concert of nostalgic references:

to Folk Tunes, to Myths, to Friends



Martin Bright


A dramatic work by Martin Bright for orchestra and five percussionists with marimbas and drums (from the Peterborough Centre for Young Musicians).


The work is inspired by the beliefs of the ancient Assyrians and their protectors, the extraordinary Apkallu, part-man, part-animal, seen in exquisite carvings in the British Museum. There are dances, processions and moments of quiet reflection, finishing in the realm of the Gods themselves and their eternal breaths of life. 

Martin studied at the Royal College of Music in London, has performed in the Albert Hall, St Paul’s Cathedral and West End theatre productions, and currently teaches percussion in Peterborough.

English Folk Song Suite

Vaughan Williams

Vaughan Williams was an avid collector of English folk song, helping the survival of many beautiful tunes. The three movements of the English Folk Song Suite include traditional melodies such as Seventeen Come Sunday, the lovely oboe solo in My Bonny Boy, and Blow Away the Morning Dew in the rousing finale

Enigma Variations

Edward Elgar

Elgar dedicated his Enigma Variations “To my friends pictured within, Malvern, 1899”.  The opening Enigma theme is followed by fourteen variations reflecting his friends’ idiosyncrasies.  From his gracious wife, Caroline, through the heart-felt Nimrod (Jaeger), to the finale with the composer himself, vigorous and confident, arriving at a magnificent climax. Elgar suggested there was another unplayed theme to partner the original theme, but he never revealed its identity. The many suggestions have included Luther’s Eine Feste Burg, Mozart’s Prague Symphony  and even Auld Lang Syne.